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"Heather offers excellence in career transition coaching. Her keen insight into the challenges involved in determining an occupational path is delivered in tandem with careful attention to each person's unique circumstances, thought-provoking questions, and aid in setting and reaching tangible goals. After less than two months of working with Heather I had developed a clear understanding of the kind of position I would do well in, and very shortly thereafter obtained one that fit my objectives. I would highly recommend Heather to anyone who has questions on how to achieve their best professional life." 


-Enterprise Taxonomist, Graduate Student



"I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Heather. Her compassion, insight, and gentle but goal-oriented coaching and leading have yielded some of the most densely productive, yet enjoyable and lighthearted, hour-long conversations I could have hoped for or imagined. Heather has kindness and lack of judgment in spades, but also the incisiveness of a Raymond Chandler novel. I moved forward so much more quickly than I ever thought I would when working with Heather, and was always consistently amazed by the realizations that she led me to--always leading me there gently, but ultimately allowing me to make those realizations myself. Heather's coaching helped me to see myself, my life, and my personal and professional goals with a new clarity, and to effectively reframe my thinking in totally new and significant ways. After working with Heather, I feel lighter and yet more focused, more content and yet more motivated. I could not be happier with the progress I've made under Heather's coaching and guidance, and would recommend her to anyone who, like me, needs clarity, guidance, kindness, and a little push."


- Higher Education Professional, Admissions



"Heather is a gem. Her coaching is rational, intuitive, and compassionate. She helped me find my feet -- and then stand on them, and then walk forward -- when I was stuck. Heather helped me see the choices in front of me, and then helped to structure the issues in a way that made sense and allowed me to feel peaceful about my decisions. She helped me sort through conflicting emotions to realign with my values. In doing so she freed me to trust my instincts. Heather gives her clients the gift of clarity."


- Writer and Graduate Student



"It was my good fortune to have been able to connect with Heather.  It was my first encounter working with a coach.  I was hesitant at first primarily because I had never put myself in what I considered to be a vulnerable position: allowing myself to be coached by someone I did not know, and who I was sure was younger than I was.  As it turned out, all my preconceived concerns were dashed within the first 10 minutes of speaking to her.  Her intelligence, warmth, and directness were so astoundingly useful to me not only professionally, but also in a personal way.  I have been so impressed by the depth of her knowledge and the high level of her emotional intelligence. I was in the unique position of looking for a job after having been employed for 32 years by the same organization.  Heather has guided me through the unknown and difficult labyrinth of the job searching experience.  I will be forever grateful that Heather was there at one of the most unsettling times in my professional life.  The process of working with Heather has opened up new vistas which will not only be useful in the workplace, but also in an internal, personal level.  I thank Heather for her innate wisdom, knowledge, and personal care."


Higher Education Professional, Student Services



"Heather Brown's coaching has been invaluable to me at a crucial stage in my career as a writer and an academic. She has helped me with my work-life balance, making difficult and necessary decisions about my professional trajectory, and establishing writing goals. She's amazing to work with. I recommend her highly!"


- Writer and Professor


"Knowing I was fed-up with academia, a friend recommended I speak with Heather. I was skeptical about career coaching in general but decided to try one session out of curiosity. At the end of that first session, I immediately signed up for more! Heather is great! She’s patient and accommodating but more than that she possesses the skills and insight that enabled me to find not only a path out of academia  but to be happy and confident in the really tough decisions I made. "


- Professor


"Working with Heather proved to be fruitful beyond measure.  I reached out to her when I was working on my graduate school application and needed guidance.  She asked the right questions to set me up for success.  We addressed my roadblocks and she guided me through the goal-setting process without judgement.  I appreciated when she would remember dates of importance (GRE, application deadlines, etc.) and would check-in or send me positive affirmations.  I am proud to say that I am in my fourth week as a graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, pursuing my Master in Public Administration (MPA) degree.  She refuses to take credit for doing the heavy lifting but if not for her coaching, support, and guidance, I would not beaming with Carolina pride."


- Non-profit Program Director and MPA Student





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