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How It Works  


The answers to the question, “Why work with a coach?” are multi-layered, complex, and deeply personal. When distilled, though, they fall under this umbrella: you want to move from being stuck to “un-stuck,” and aren’t quite sure how. You are smart, capable, and self-aware but you haven’t yet arrived where you want to be. I’d love to help you get there. 


Given my personal experience going through a professional transition, I understand what it means to feel lost and overwhelmed when faced with the challenge of deciding what's next.   My professional experience in the fields of learning and written communication paired with my coaching expertise are brought together in the following coaching packages designed for the creative professional in transition: 


  • Professional Transition

  • Resume/CV

  • Resume/CV and Cover Letter 


Professional Transition

If you have recently left a position or career and are asking yourself “where do I go from here?” this package focuses on exactly that question. You will find there are many possible answers that all involve deep reflection on your values, experience, accomplishments, skills, and ambitions. We will work together to discover how you can move forward in a new direction and create a plan for how to succeed. 

Working on your resume or CV is an intense process because it involves a confrontation with your professional identity. In this package we will work together to create a document that best expresses the professional identity that will attract your target audience. 

Resume/CV and Cover Letter 
In addition to creating your resume or CV, we’ll work on the document that tells the story that animates your record of experience, accomplishments, and skills. Together we’ll discuss and employ numerous strategies for creating a cover letter that connects with your audience. 







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